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faq / frequently asked questions

Will this be your first tattoo? Or are you just wondering how the process works? Below you will find useful information and answers to frequently asked questions.


where are you located?

The studio is centrally located at Frogner in Oslo. About 5 minutes' walk from the National Theater and 5 minutes from Solli plass.

what are your opening hours?

We do not have fixed opening hours, and are only open by appointment.

can i bring a friend to my appointment?

We are a smaller studio, and appreciate a calm atmosphere for us and our customers. Therefore, we prefer that you come to your appointment alone.

what is your age limit?

We have an age limit of 18, without exception.


how do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment with us, contact us through the inquiry form under the "Booking" page. We will get back to you as soon as we can :)

how much will the tattoo cost?

The price of a tattoo depends on several factors, including size, type of style, location and how long it takes. We therefore need a detailed description of your idea in order to estimate a price. Contact us through our inquiry form for a price estimate.

how long is the wait?

The waiting time varies depending on the tattoo you are getting, and which artist you want to book an appointment with. For larger projects you should estimate a waiting time of 1-2 months, for smaller projects we often have time available sooner :)

before the appointment

what should I do before the tattoo session?

Getting tattooed can be a strain on the body, so the most important thing is that you are healthy and in good shape. Get a good night's sleep, eat enough before you arrive, and feel free to bring snacks and drinks for longer sessions. Also ensure that the skin is clean, exfoliated and free of self-tanning/spray tan.

what should I wear?

Wear loose clothing that makes it easy to get to where the tattoo will be. It can easily get a little ink spilled, so we don't recommend wearing your favorite shirt :)

can I see the design before the appointment?

We do not send out designs before the appointment. The artist will create a design based on your wishes, any adjustments can be made together when you are in the studio. If you need help planning your design, you are welcome to book a free consultation through the inquiry form.

other questions

does it hurt?

Yes, a little :') It is very individual, and the pain is experienced differently from person to person. But luckily most people don't find it too bad!

how do I care for my tattoo?

At your appointment, you will receive all the necessary information on how to care for the tattoo. We recommend that you avoid swimming and direct sunlight on the tattoo for the first 3-4 weeks.

do you sell gift cards?

Yes! Send us an email at and we will help you.

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